Fibro Fog–What is it?

Fibro fog is generally given to the cognitive problems that can go along with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. It is also called brain fog.Fibro Fog--What is it?

Having fibro fog can cause you to lose your train of thought, confusion, mixing up or forgetting details or words, or walking into a room and forgetting why you are there. You can even be speaking to someone or writing something down and mid-way through you forget what you were saying or writing down.

Many of the ten million people in the United States who are suffering from fibromyalgia complain of these cognitive difficulties. Some days can be worse than other days.

Theories of fibro fog causes

No one is sure exactly what causes brain fog but it could be because:

• Some physicians feel that it could be the inability to get a good night’s sleep

• Being in constant pain can also make it hard for someone to think.

• When a person has fibromyalgia parts of their brain does not receive enough oxygen causing disorientation or confusion

What to do about fibro fog

• Avoid caffeine—caffeine can make things worse for someone with fibromyalgia because even a small amount can have a say in sleep disturbances.

• Use a planner to help you keep track of events and appointments, either in a book or on the computer. There are some computer programs that will let you set an alarm to remind you of things you need to do at a certain time.

• Use a kitchen time to remind you to take something out of the oven, put something in the oven, pick up your child, and other things.

• Get in a rut and establish routines for simple tasks such as putting keys in the same place, what time to do chores, etc.

• Do not multi-task

• Organize your space

• De-stress

• Eat healthy and exercise

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