Restorative Yoga to Help With Chronic Pain

restorative yogaHow Can Restorative Yoga Help You Deal With Chronic Pain?

Back pain is a commonly found problem. Athletes or sports people often develop chronic back problems due to prolonged periods of playing or injuries. You could even be suffering from problems like fibromyalgia. People who sit at a desk all day long also tend to suffer from back pain due to posture problems. Posture problems also affect people when they drive or ride regularly for many hours.

Tension, increased workload, stress and the effects of daily modern life has been resulting in many people having back pain. The more the number of people who complain of back pain, the greater the number of relieving methods discovered. A popular and proven method for relieving such pain is the use of an inversion table.

No matter what the reason for your chronic pain is, you know that you need an effective way to deal with it.

How Do You Deal With It?

Since there are no chronic tests that can tell you the degree of pain that you have, all that a doctor does is ask you how you are feeling. You would need to tell him whether you are feeling pain all the time or it happens during particular times. Pain can originate from any part of the body, and you need medical professional help if it goes out of hand.

However, with the right treatment, you would be able to avoid this problem. You will need to decrease the intensity of the pain so that you can lead an improved life. The problem though is that you often do not know what is right for you. Many of us use a trial and error method to know which one is the best possible treatment for you.

What is the Aim of the Treatment?

When going in for a treatment, ask yourself what you need from it. Are you looking at ensuring that you can deal with your back pain thoroughly or are you looking to reduce the pain?

More often than not, chronic pain is really difficult to get away with completely. Even the best medications cannot help. You can though improve your mobility significantly and help you ease the pain to the minimum possible if you follow the right treatments. While medications and surgery can work, having a lifestyle which has restorative yoga in it can do wonders.

Why is Restorative Yoga The Answer?

For one, yoga is known to offer mental and physical benefits. It helps us to be more active and to be more aware of what is going on around us.

Restorative yoga takes this a step further. It helps improve your breathing and meditation, helping create the balance needed between breathing, blood circulation, energy and the different organs in the body. As a result, with proper flow of blood in the body, and a central nervous system that is calm and balanced, you are expected to experience less of pain with time.

This form of yoga was inspired by B.K.S. Iyenagar from India and later perfected by the notable American physiotherapist Judith Hanson Lasator. Today, the treatment is used by hundreds and thousands of people across the world who have got relief from it.

So, how does it work?

For one, while yoga does involve different poses, restorative yoga is also comfortable. There are even Restorative Yoga classes for people suffering from cancer. Each of the poses that you would be doing is actually linked to one of the poses within the body.

You will begin to experience the difference within a few weeks, and will help your mind unlearn the chronic strain and pain responses it has had with time. Plus, you are sure to reduce your stress levels considerably and help your body relax better.

The interesting thing about Restorative yoga though is that unlike in other forms of yoga, you need to try out each pose for at least ten minutes. This will help you attain the state of relaxation your body needs. The poses are gentle and often involves conscious breathing, so you really wouldn’t mind.

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